SpyVélo CX 2016 Medals

When visiting Dave at Spy Vélo in Cowes to collect scrap bicycle parts, we were offered the opportunity to design and make a cup for his CX Cup event. Whilst working on the cup we had the idea to make some cool bicycle chain medals.              

Recycle and bicycle medals

First part of the process was to decide which reclaimed material he wanted for the medal inserts – clear plexiglass, silver plexiglass, or plywood. The decision was made to use plywood.

Medal Ribbon



On the prototype medal we tried using a generic medal ribbon but were very disappointed at the quality. We decided that if we could use inner tube for the ribbons it would make our product both more unique and more in keeping with the bicycle theme.



Inner tube medal ribbons

The next stage was to wash, cut, wash again, and cut again the inner tubes. Next was to create a method of attaching the inner tube ribbons to the medal. This was achieved by using more bicycle chain links.







The end result was a medal we were really pleased with.




         It was great to see the winners standing on the podium proudly wearing them.Spy Velo CX Cup

Spy Velo CX Cup 2016Spy Velo CX Cup