Recycled Black Skinny Bicycle Tyre Belt 28″-32″ Waist


Skinny bicycle tyre belt


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From Waste to Waist ™ our funky and stylish tyre belts have been recycled and made from used bicycle tyres. All the tyres are sourced from local bicycle shops, I only select the ones that are suitable for making belts and not too stiff or hard.

This is our skinny version of our bicycle tyre belts.

The process begins with the metal bead being cut away from the tyre, the tyre then receives its first of 3 washes in biodegradable & eco friendly cleaner. The tyre is then cut by hand to fit the desired buckle and then will be washed again up to 2 more times to ensure it’s clean, then a keeper strap is made using the sidewall from the tyre. They are securely fitted with a metal buckle and rivets (please note some fittings may contain nickel).
The final step is to punch the required amount of holes.

All my belts are made from carefully selected, high-quality, recycled bicycle tyres so each one is different and unique.

The packaging for the belt contains no plastic and is made from card & paper which is suitable for recycling.

The width of the belt is approx 2cm, .8″ and has  been punched and cut to fit a 28″-32″ waist.







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