Recycled Bicycle Inner Tube Dog Bow Tie ….SMALL


The original British made inner tube bow for your dog!

This great looking bow tie is made from recycled inner tubes that have been washed multiple times in an eco friendly cleaner, it is attached to the collar using sleeves that slip onto the collar and then the bow tie just poppers on. We have tested various methods and find this preferable to velcro and elastic. Unlike velcro or elastic the poppers would release should the dog get caught on something such as a fence the bow tie will break away from the collar if the dog struggles avoiding a possible choking hazard.

Bow size is approx 8.5cm x 4cm (3.3 x 1.6″) and will fit on a collar  1.75-2 cm (.7-.8″) wide, if your collar is wider than this I can make the sleeves larger, just let me know at time of ordering.

Being made from inner tube unlike fabric ones it is wipe clean and drool resistant!

We ensure that the inner tubes are washed several times before transforming them into bow ties to eliminate any smell of rubber.






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