Reclaimed Leather Minimalist Cyclists Wallet


The Cyclists Wallet ™

A minimalist leather wallet ideal for the the cyclist, it’s made from one piece of reclaimed / salvaged British leather which has been cut and then folded. It’s then securely fastened with 2 good quality press stud fittings. The wallet perfectly holds notes, travel cards, credit cards & key and is perfect for carrying in your jersey pocket or saddle bag.

It has one large opening with an additional smaller slot opening at the front for a few cards and access to the rear for your key, also serves as a great business card holder too.

Please note money and cards are not included.

his wallet has a recycled chain link riveted to the front. Please note that the colour of the chain link used will be entirely random.

As we only use reclaimed leather, the colours can often be limited in numbers, so if you see a colour you prefer – don’t delay!

Approximate size of the wallet is 95mm long x 70mm wide, a great deal smaller than your phone.


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